A Hunger And Thirst For God

Rev. Beatrice
July 29, 2018

A Hunger And Thirst For God

Text: Mathew 4:23-25

We were all created with a hunger and thirst for God. He has this desire that we know Him and the purposes for which He brought us into this world and to fulfill those plans and purposes.

God is so good. He is the one who places this desire in us. From this desire, we started seeking Him out and drew us to Himself. He poured His perfect, unconditional love towards us.

Remember how thrilled we were when He said He loved us? He loved us so much, even to the point of death on a Cross. From this point, He loved us and we knew no one else could love us this way.

He became a Father, a personal friend, calling us each by name to become children of God (John 1:12)

He lives in us and through us and that love flows into others. We can’t love with our own love but with His love we can.

Even though we cannot see Him, we have experienced His love for us and can’t help it in sharing His love. When we first became in love with Him, every prayer was answered. It was an exciting time.

When someone loves us, we don’t want to leave that love and spend hours and hours with them.

Matthew 4: 23-25 ~
The multitudes followed Jesus. They loved Him and had expectations of their needs being met. They wanted more of God.

Why did they leave everything behind to follow Him?
1. Their deep longing for love was being fulfilled. When they received this love, they wanted to leave things aside for this love. Are we still hungry and for His presence? Do we still think it’s in the past? Is that love still burning in our hearts? Would we lay aside other things to have encounter this love? He doesn’t change but often we do change. He’s wanting to love us again in a fresh way.
2. They were hungry for His Word. They were hungry for His voice. Like someone we love, we just want to hear that voice. They wanted to hear more, going from one place to another and hanging on every word He said. They craved His Word. Are we waiting for Him to speak to us? He is always speaking to us, a part of our lives everyday because He lives in us. Do we want to listen to Him? He is always with us (Hebrews 13:5)
3. Their thirst was being quenched as they followed Him. They had their burdens and desperation, seeking to be free. Whatever is holding us back from Him, He has broken those chains. Can we preserve in this regard as we wait on God to break chains? Sometimes we lose heart in waiting on God. God never breaks His promise, however long it takes, and will be fulfilled. Hold on to God.

He is asking each one of us and stirring our hearts to ask us where our first love is. Where is that hunger for Him? His Voice, His presence and such. Do we follow Him with a sense of excitement? Where is the desperation for our needs to be met?

Are we filled with His love to overflow and satisfaction to give it away to others?

We are purposed with the great commission to share His love.

Return to waiting in His presence and be filled with Him. He has called us by Name to move powerfully for others.