Be Expectant

Derrick Teoh
December 15, 2018

Be Expectant


Unless we are extremely disciplined, our resolutions for the New Year rarely happen. However if we really are resolved in our resolutions, we can start right now.

If we desire a closer relationship with God, we can start now and take it is seriously. We don’t have to wait for 2019 to come, we can start even now.

Some of us are too used to the mundane and routine of church services. That must be removed, expectation of God moving needs to arise and an expectation of the something new of God.

Church is meant to be enjoyed not endured. We will never know what could happen in the next second. From miracles, signs, wonders to answers and breakthroughs, anything can happen.

Be expectant.

Expectation- an act of confident belief and strong hope, looking forward to something happening

Isaiah 43: 18-19
* forget the past victories, failures and move forward in God
* behold- be in awe of God
* the new thing is NOW. The best is yet to come in God.
* We have experienced God moving before. He did it before, He can do it again
* Regardless of circumstances, challenges or difficulties, He is doing new doing things right now.
* We are called to raise our expectations to meet with God for what He can do
* Whatever that is next is always better
* God wants to build us to next level of anointing and call
* There is a hope and future for all of us in God

The moment when we’re expectant, He will bring us to the next level.

We have faith for our salvation but not for miracles, signs and wonders? (Jeremiah 33:3)

God doesn’t want to stop at just our salvation. He wants to call us to the next level. We are called to do greater things.
God will show us, use us and move us into greater things for Him. (1 Corinthians 2:9)

Coming to church is about connecting in relationship with the Father. Nothing else matters in this place.

Jesus paid for our ultimate healing, breakthroughs and hope. All were paid on the Cross. It’s freely available for all of us. This expectation is for us.

When we start to raise our expectations in God, we will see the outcome of that expectations.
We raise our expectations by faith. When we want to get close to God, He will make a way for us, even roadways and rivers for us!

Raise your expectations!