Christoffer Yap
April 29, 2018


What words would you use to describe your current experience as a Christian?

All of us have different journeys and we all have different experiences. But God demands an obedience when we hear His voice. Are we avoiding His voice to avoid obedience?

Reflection Questions:
1. Do you feel that life is just a routined, purposeless cycle?
2. Do you tend to overthink or over-worry about life?
3. Is your heart cold towards the things of God?
4. Do you find it hard to thank God?
5. Do you feel empty and frustrated?

What we avoid will eventually snowball into a reaction rather than responding to situations. And then we live a life that feels empty.

If our lives were perfect, we would not need God.

This message is to encourage us to live a life of purpose and without frustration.

Three Different Spiritual States:
1 Corinthians 2:14 -3:3

Paul describes three spiritual states
1. The Natural Person who does not know Christ. Self-directed life often resulting in frustration and Jesus is outside their life.
2. Spiritual Person is a Christ directed life, yielding to Jesus and seeing His influence and direction in their life.
3. Carnal Person is a self-directed life. Self is on the throne even when Christ is in the life, leading to frustration and chaos.

The natural person is just as bad as a carnal person. There’s no difference and the way the carnal person lives their lives doesn’t reflect Christ.

Corinth was a port city and commercial area. It was linked with wealth and immortality with worship to Aphrodite and prostitutes in the temple.

The Corinthians knew the truth of God from Paul. However, the culture bombarded these believers back to the carnal ways of the culture. They lived a life as if Christ was not in it.

Galatians 5: 16-26
Paul contrasts the things of the flesh and of the spirit.

If we read through this, we realize we might be in the flesh. But living in the Spirit naturally produces the fruit of the Spirit as we walk in the Spirit.

How does this relate to us?
Romans 8: 5-11

When we set our focus on everything else and put ourselves on the throne, we have problems. Christ centered living promotes life and peace from the inside out and not situational. The flesh cannot please God but the Spirit can because it is life and righteousness.

Flesh is death, Spirit is life.

You cannot have two persons on the throne. It’s either self or Christ. Are you of the flesh or of the Spirit?

We need:

1 Corinthians 2:6-10

We can’t save ourselves. We need a Savior to save us. Only He can give us CPR

The plan of God was salvation, from ages past, through Jesus. Go back to the One who has salvation for those who love Him. Jesus saves you from every ill thing in our life and our fleshly self. God can only save us from ourselves.

Without Him, we end up empty, frustrated and disappointed etc. We need God at the centre. Going back to Jesus is an every day thing.

CPR= Christ Put Right

Come to the Father
Pour It Out To God
Receive His love and Spirit

Respond to God. Always go back to Him, the centre of it all.