Creative Alternatives in the Holy Spirit

Irvin Rutherford
September 30, 2018

Creative Alternatives in the Holy Spirit

Luke 4: 1, 14

Jesus needed the fullness of the anointing of the Holy Spirit. Even the disciples needed this Holy Spirit, to guide, comfort and lead them. He is everything we have to do with our lives and ministry. When we learn this, we will overcome all things.

The Holy Spirit is a person who wants to be involved in our lives. We are anointed to do something for His Kingdom.

Anointing is for everyone in every sphere and area of our lives. Everybody needs to have the anointing. The anointing of the Spirit is tangible and usable; to be involved in our everyday lives. To have a freedom and joy in the Lord for our lives.

Exodus 30: 22- 26 is the first mention of the word anointing. Just as it was usable in that day, so anointing is usable in our everyday lives. We are to walk out our lives and face every thing we face in our lives, led by His Spirit. We surrender to the person of Jesus and His Holy Spirit. The ingredients of the oil represents dynamics of the anointing.

1. Myrrh: from the time we are born to taking up our cross, It represents the power of to overcome and stand under and withstand pressure and still be lovely. It’s a pain killer of heaven into overcoming. We need to ask the Holy Spirit to do what we cannot our own. We must yield to the anointing of myth.
2. Cinnamon: It enhances the main course of any dish, in this case God. The testimony of God is of God Himself. Cinnamon is the enthusiasm and joy of who God is and of God in our lives. It’s not about getting stuff from Him but it is God Himself. It is a choice we make to the obedience of Christ, which gives Him joy and in turn, from that place, gives us joy as our strength.
3. Calamus/Cane: an appetite enhancer, the anointing for appetite to be lead by the Spirit. Our natural default is the flesh, the world and the devil. This anointing is to give us an appetite to walk and live in and by the Spirit.
4. Cassia: a cleansing agent, to cleanse us of our impurities.
5. Olive oil is symbolic of the anointing to be broken to do the will of God. Olive oil comes from crushing the pit to get the oil. Jesus was crushed in the press of Gethsemane to bring God’s will about.

We need all of these in the oil of anointing of the Holy Spirit in our lives.