Fasting And Praying Reveals The Unseen

Rev. Benedict Rajan
August 4, 2018

Fasting And Praying Reveals The Unseen

Text: Nehemiah 1:4

You’re fasting and prayer in Jesus never returns in vain. Some aspects of our lives are not revealed through normal prayer but only through the act of fasting and prayer, to reveal the unseen mystery of His will. He will weaken our flesh to reveal the things of the Spirit

Fasting and prayer reveals the unseen things of God.
(Luke 2:37-38) a widow was waiting for the Messiah to be revealed,who would redeem all of Israel, through fasting.

An intentional fasting for 40 day fast. This can be anything from food to television and internet.

Luke 4: 2, 14- fasting and prayers will never go in vain. Fasting and prayer in the Name of Jesus. Fasting will weaken any temptation we have or go through. It empowers in us in the Spirit.

1 Corinthians 2:9- fasting in an expression of our love for God.

Nehemiah fasted and prayer by spending time in the presence of God. Fasting is null and void if we are distracted by our fleshly pursuits. He made time to be with God.

Isaiah 58: 6-14 reveals different aspects of fasting and the types of God ordained fasts.

Fasting speeds the breakthrough and invokes the presence of God in your life.

Fasting reveals our helplessness in the hands of God becomes our very helpfulness.

Jesus when he was fasting met with the devil to not be defeated by the devil but to finish the devil. We can engage with this fast.

Nehemiah entered the presence of God and into fasting with an attitude humility. Put aside all your self reliance and strength and enter with humility. (Isaiah 58:9, Proverbs 3:5)

Fasting revealed His favor towards Nehemiah in the fasting. Nehemiah’s position was changed from a cup bearer to prophet. It reveals the deep plan of God and the next level of the things we are called to.

Those who were hopeless and despair and destitute were given new hope.
[18:50, 8/4/2018] Athens :): Thank you
[10:48, 8/5/2018] +60 12-500 8010: Message: Fasting And Praying Will Release The Dynamic Miracles of God’s Divine Intervention.

(August 5th, 2nd Service Sunday) by Rev Benedict Rajan

Text: Esther 4: 13-16

Background of Scripture:
An evil man by the name of Hamon, was appointed by the government to be in a place of highest authority. All the people honored him except the Jewish people who worshiped God alone.

Mordecai (uncle of Esther) was one of them. Hamon was against Mordecai as he didn’t bow to him. An evil decree was then created to annihilate the Jewish people as a result.

This is where the text comes in.
As our fast begins, the anchor verse for this text comes in Esther 4:16. Fasting and prayer was a breakthrough for Esther.

Isaiah 58: 6-14 is a blueprint of fasting and praying, which releases a supernatural power to break the powers of darkness.
Fasting and prayer brings delight to God’s heart.

Isaiah 58:14-
* hills in the Bible speak of victory. We fight our battles from the place of victory.(Psalm 18:33)
* Heritage of Jacob is the unstoppable favour and miracles of God on your life in the midst of all opposition. In Acts 13: 2-3, fasting enabled the disciples to make a decision about who to send to Asia minor. Fasting and prayer releases the anointing of breakthrough that regular prayer can’t.

Purpose of this Fasting:

Luke 4: 2, 14- fasting and prayers will never go in vain. Fasting and prayer in the Name of Jesus. Fasting will weaken any temptation we have or go through. It empowers in us in the Spirit. The weaker the flesh, the greater the Spirit and power of God to take over.

Fasting brings the heritage of Jacob and sets you on the high hills of victory. Fasting is not religious but relational.

Esther 4:16 reveals 3 Dynamics of Fasting And Prayer:

1. Your blockades in this hands of God becomes your greatest breakthrough
2. You become an effective intercessor
3. Fasting and prayer brings the unseen, unspoken promotion and promises of God. Mordecai was an example of one hurled by man but caught by God. The king recognized Mordecai beyond his ability and qualification.