Fight The Good Fight of Faith

Derrick Teoh
September 9, 2018

Fight The Good Fight of Faith

Text- Ephesians 6: 10-17

The process is the most important part of a story. We are all called to be a community that follow Jesus and journey and empower one another, together.

We are on family to lift up the Name of Jesus high.

There is something constant in all our lives; trials, changes, problems, difficulties etc.

As we sit in the presence of God, we have to know we are children of God who are in battle and called to fight the fight of faith.

Sometimes those circumstances are not the circumstances but it’s the enemy sent to test our faith.

The weapons of warfare are already available to us to fight these battles. (Ephesians 6: 14-17). There are several different armor and weapons of God.

Armor of God:
Belt of Truth
Helmet of Salvation
Breastplate of Righteousness
Shield of Faith
Sword of the Spirit
Feet of Peace

The protection is for the front and never for our back. Why? God has called us to overcome the world just as He did and we are called to move forward. We already have won the victory. We have the victory in Jesus Name.

We are called to pray always and in all circumstances. We all are empowered to hear the voice of the Holy Spirit. When we pray, we are speaking to God. It’s a two way conversation. God wants to speak to us in our difficult circumstances.
(2 Timothy 2:3)

Ephesians 6: 11-14
The word stand is mentioned 4 times in the Scripture.

There is a progression in the meaning in Greek. A process, going from putting on the armor to walking uprightly in Christ. Standing uprightly because of the weapons of warfare, the finished work of the Cross.
Are we standing uprightly in our problems and going forward? The victory is already ours.

Does that mean we won’t stumble? No. But nothing is too big for Him. What can be bigger than our God?

Are putting God bigger than our problems or the other way around?

We are more than conquerors. (Romans 8:37). We don’t have to wait for the problem. Before the problem even comes, we have the assurance of our identity and the victory in Christ. We can live in the place of no fear.

Even Jesus, in the storm, was asleep. The fisherman were even afraid in the storm. When we have trials and problems, we can’t sleep. Jesus could sleep.

When we know Who is living inside of you, we can release that peace into our situation. Jesus released that peace to calm the storm. That same resurrection power is available in us for our situations.

1 John 4:4- The One who is in You is always greater in whatever circumstances come our way. The moment we know Jesus is greater than the storm and is for us, not against. We cannot live a life of freedom unless we become aware of the weapons and authority available to us.

How do we fight the fight of faith?

– Read the Word of God (John 8: 31-31)
– Meditate on the Word of God
– Believe in the Word of God (John 16:33)