Godly Conversations

December 17, 2017

Godly Conversations

Different people, from different walks of life, have different conversations.

We are usually unaware of our conversations. God cares about every word that comes from our mouth because of the authority we have in our mouth. The authority of heaven and earth has been given to us in our mouths. The word of God in our mouth is as powerful as the word of God in His mouth.

The words that come from our mouth come from our heart. From the abundance of heart, our mouth speaks. What is the condition of our hearts? (Luke 6:45)

Our words carry weight and authority. We talk about situations and circumstances negatively and without us knowing, we take a step back from the ready plan of God.
(James 3: 6, 9)

The words we declare either bring life or death into our circumstances, life, family etc. Being aware of the words of life we use will bring the plan, purpose and life of God into the situations that seem lost.

We need Godly conversations and fellowship to grow and be encouraged. It releases God’s power and hope into our situations. (Proverbs 18:1)

There will be days where our hearts are not in the right condition. If we understand the importance of words, we will work on the condition of our hearts. And only God, through surrender, can fix our hearts.

When We Have Godly Conversations:

1. Godly conversations help us and the people around us to process the truth. (John 8:32) Convictions are built in the unity of the Body of Christ. Through the Godly conversations, truth is processed within us (Hebrews 10:25)
2. When we have Godly conversations, it changes the atmosphere. There is no room for negativity when the presence of God is there. (Isaiah 55:11) Love, joy and peace are the things the enemy wants to steal from you. There should be a presence of love, joy and peace because we are there, sharing Godly conversations with one another and bringing His presence, giving God the glory. Every good gift comes from God. Give thanks for what God has done.
3. It teaches our children and the next generation about Godly conversations, giving them a legacy. It is a faith that will be built within them. (Matthew 19:14)
4. Godly conversations honour Jesus. When you talk about God, His presence rushes into that situation. We ought to honour God with our lives.

As we enter into 2018, we should speak life and speak and confess the right things over our lives and circumstances.