God‘s Gift of Miracles

Rev. Ong Seik Leang
December 23, 2018

God‘s Gift of Miracles

Text: Luke 1: 32-38

Christmas always has to do with gifts. Christmas reminds us that God gives us a gift that isn’t temporal but permanent. Christmas is also enjoyed by many around the world.

Most of us enjoy Christmas day and the songs, lights, joy and peace, Christian and non-Christian alike. However this is all temporal. The gift of God, of love, joy and peace, is permanent on the other hand and comes from God who is always for and with us. Jesus came everyone of us and we can have that miracle in our lives.

What is the greatest gift of Christmas? The greatest gift is the gift of miracles that come from Jesus, like Jesus being born into this world. Christmas brought a lot of miracles for people from all walks of life. Even Elizabeth who was barren became pregnant with John the Baptist which was a miracle in of itself.

Those who are barren, in need or with anyone young and old, can have this gift of miracles in Jesus. Miracles can happen to anyone, in any season. Miracles can often happen in the darkest time of our lives.

In the book Luke, it was a dark time under oppressive Roman rule for Israel, a people without freedom. Jesus was born into the midst of this darkest time.

Some of us are in the darkest time of our lives yet we are encouraged to believe God for a miracle. God can do a miracle in the darkest time of our lives.

It is not the church or a great environment that gives us a miracle but our faith in Jesus that gives us the miracle. Jesus will do the miracle.

It was also a dark time for Joseph and Mary as they had to go back to his hometown of Bethlehem for census. It was probably not easy to travel in her advance pregnancy. Even Bethlehem had no facilities or appropriate places for them to stay in. In spite of the inconvenience and personal challenges, God still came with the miracles. Christmas is the season of miracles.

Mary did become afraid when she found out she was to be pregnant, when she was told by the angel that she would be overshadowed by the Holy Spirit.

Do not be afraid of fear. Overcome fear with the Word of God. We begin to have our miracles when we begin to reach out and touch the Holy Spirit.

Only a powerful touch of the Holy Spirit can touch us and overshadow our weakness, fear and confusion. It’s in that place that we give birth to something born of God. His mercy will overshadow our condemnation.

God doesn’t only do miracles in the past but God does miracles now, today and forever. Why? The baby who was born on Christmas is Emmanuel; God was, is and will always be with you and we will have our miracle.

Our faith is in the Word of God.

1. God wants to do the miracle inside our lives. It is a challenge to be more and more like Jesus, to overcome the pain and bitterness of life. The thing that changes our lives is when we invite God into our lives and give Him way to change us. We can enter the New Year with a victory in our lives. The work of God will last permanently. God will give us a new life when we receive Him as our Lord and Saviour and promises to give us a changed life. When our lives are changed, difficult circumstances become the greatest opportunities for us to be changed and see things as blessed, rich and full of hope and victory. What Jesus gives to us on the inside can make us feel blessed, rich and alive. This gift is miraculous.

2. God wants to do miracles outside of us. God longs to heal and restore us. The devil will always comes to oppress us. Jesus came to destroy the works of the devil. We only need believe it is our time to receive our miracle. We may have given up, lost hope or resigned ourselves to circumstances. Yet today is a day and our fullness of time for miracles. Do not struggle and just believe. Don’t lose faith even in the waiting or the how of the miracles will come. Only believe that God can do the miracles in many ways. Even Mary simply believed and trusted God to bring about His Word for her pregnancy. God knows how to deliver a miracle to us in a way we most appreciate