I Am The Door

Sebastian Benjamin
April 29, 2018

I Am The Door

Text: John 10: 1-10

How many of you are tired of sitting near the door with no access to the new dimension and next level and promotion in?

We can always find pasture anywhere in our coming and going. Jesus always uses a metaphor or picture to explain the Kingdom. The Pharisees did not understand this.

What is a door?
It’s a place of access, admission, a gateway and place of entry. A place where we enter a supernatural unknown in God. A place of revival, restoration and breakthrough.

We don’t want to be the one sitting next to the door. We watch everyone going to their blessings, their call and freedom. The objective is to make sure we stand up and go through the door of new beginnings, restoration.

We are called to wake up from our slumber and lukewarmness into the door of relationship and intimacy.

Mark 8:22-23
God is bringing us out of our comfort zone. Just like the blind man in this story was brought out of His place of fear.

God wants to take you out of the disappointment, fear and shame. God is taking you out to perform the miracle cause we are not called to stay where we are.

John 10:1-
Some of us live a life like a robber or thief. We live as beggars and striving full of unworthiness. But we are made to walk through the door that is already open. You are the royal priesthood of God. We are not made to beg. We have a relationship with God our Father and we can go into His kingdom anytime we want. Stop acting like an orphan cause we are children of God.

John 10:3-
God is a God who opens doors of opportunity for us. But are we walking through the door? (Isaiah 43:19)

Isaiah 45:3-
We are sitting by door and behind the door of the secret place is the hidden treasures of God. Sometimes trusting God is walking into the dark in faith. He is our Father who has hidden treasures for us.

The Kingdom of God is like an automatic gate which is always open but we strive to figure it out in our strength and understanding. But He calls us to come as we are.

John 10:9-

The silver and gold of the Kingdom is there, always for us, through the door. But as Christians we always look at the blessings and feel unworthy and can’t lay hold of it.

Some of us think the blessings are for others and not for us. We have to come to a place of not just looking through the glass and come boldly to the Father and all He has for us. (Haggai 2:8, Matthew 7:)

We are subject to the Father and the Kingdom and not our circumstances. We belong to the Kingdom. We are the children of the King.

John 10:9-

In the time of the High Priest being the only able to talk to God, crisis was inconvenient and troublesome. But now we have green pastures everywhere because we have access to the Father and can talk to Him. We don’t have to go to anyone else (leaders, prophets, friends). We don’t have to wait for others because Jesus is our great High Priest.