Life Lessons Of A Faithful Witness

September 8, 2018

Life Lessons Of A Faithful Witness

Text: Matthew 11: 7-14

A fruitful harvest will require a faithful witness, being able to reach out and be available to witness to others about Jesus. We need to be faithful and available.

There are life lessons from the life of John the Baptist. He was discouraged and was imprisoned and asked for confirmation of Jesus being the Messiah, through his disciples. Jesus said to look at His signs and wonders and be encouraged.

Then Jesus spoke to the crowd about John the Baptist. Matthew 11: 7-11. John was a faithful witness, always pointing to Jesus.

The purpose of the message is to help us become a faithful witness.

John 1: 19 – 27
There was inquiring of who John the Baptist was by the religious leaders. He could be the Messiah, a prophet, Elijah himself or a false prophet. They pressed for an answer to seek if he was the Messiah.

John always kept saying He was preparing the way for the Lord. He also baptized to bring people to repentance. In those days, baptism and a long list of regulations made it possible for a Gentile to become a Jew.

The religious leaders were furious because John baptized Jews like they were common people.

John did a baptism of repentance and hearts turned from sin towards God and the coming Messiah and waiting in anticipation of the Messiah. John even rebuked even the religious leaders for not seeing their need for repentance.

John then testified at the appointed time of God; John bore witness that Jesus is the Son of God at His baptism and the Holy Spirit remaining on Him.

Six things we can learn from John the Baptist:
1. A faithful witness is obedient (Luke 1:13, 16-17, 78). John didn’t have plans of His own. He followed whatever God wanted.
2. A faithful witness is focused. John did nothing but His specific role to preach repentance and prepare the way of the Lord.
3. A faithful witness is ready. (Luke 1:80) John grew in Spirit and set himself apart, on standby till the appointed time in the wilderness.
4. A faithful witness is bold. John was a unique character, dressed oddly and on a strange diet. Yet when he spoke, he convicted hearts and had authority with boldness and confidence in God.
5. A faithful witness points people to Jesus. John prepared the way but at the appointed time, put Jesus first. Only Jesus matters.
6. A faithful witness is humble.