Little By Little Everyday

Christoffer Yap
October 7, 2018

Little By Little Everyday

Little by little everyday, Jesus is changing us. Not always the circumstances but us.

John 15: 4-5 :

– When Jesus spoke this scripture , He called us to abide in Him and to bear much fruit. The repetition of some words is for emphasis, to show it’s importance

1. Abide, Remain, Reside
What does it really mean?
– Accept Jesus Christ as Saviour
– Continue or persevere in believing
– Believing with loving obedience

Ultimately it is wanting Jesus above all else, having a relationship with Him and understanding Him fully well.

2. Fruit
– It means deeds, actions and results. A wrong concept is that fruit is to our success from abiding in Him. The fruit the Father wants is being like His Son. The branch can only bears fruits connected to the vine. It means becoming more and more like Christ, showing we are remaining in Christ.

– John 15:8, 2 Corinthians 3: 18 – the Father is glorified when we look like the Son through our fruits. The more we are with Jesus, the more we taken on the characteristics of Christ.

– We become more like Christ through the Spirit (Galatians 5: 22-23). It’s not out effort but of the Spirit. It’s not manufactured from ourselves but by His Spirit. The Father desires to have us become more like the Son.

3. Growth
– Growth takes time. (James 1:4). God will allow trials to come to help us grow. When trials come, don’t give up easily but stay with and allow the process, to remain and abide in Him.
– Even Paul took around 11-12 years to be prepared for his missionary call after the Damascus road encounter. Peter, too went through a transformation process with His denial of Jesus and so on to become more like Christ.
– We must allow for the process. Our role is to remain and abide. Our desire is for the greater manifestation of the Holy Spirit. We don’t put down seeing signs and wonders, which is good. Yet the greatest manifestation of The Holy Spirit is the transformative work within us in our daily lives, having daily encounter with His presence.

Acts 1:8 shows that we will have lives that demonstrate and show our lives as proof that Jesus is real. We will be His witnesses because the Spirit is working within us.