May We Never Lose Our Wonder

April 28, 2018

May We Never Lose Our Wonder

There’s so many things in our world, church and lives that keep us busy and they are good but we can lose sight of who it is for. We don’t want to miss out on what God is doing.

The Pharisees, Saducees and chief priests in the New Testament were the generation of the High Priests from the Old Testament who were to go into the Holies of Holies and to pray for the people and to play an important role in Israel. They were meant to hear the voice of God.

Then there was a silence for 400 years before the New Testament (we aren’t sure why God is silent during this time) in Israel from God. As generations passed, they forgot the God of their forefathers and they started to perform out of ritual. They were no longer in unity. They all believed different things.

If we don’t set up an atmosphere of encounter for our children and the generations to come, we can end up like this. If we miss God, we miss everything.

The religious leaders knew the scriptures by heart and knew Messiah was coming. But when Jesus came they missed He was the Messiah.

Saul (later became Paul) slaughtered and killed early Christians. The religious leaders (Pharisees) believed in rules and performance. Saul lived out from the traditions of the fathers and those who came before, in ignorance.

In the blink of an eye, we can miss the move of God. We want to be a people who hear and move with the voice of God.

What causes us to lose awareness of the Holy Spirit?
1. Our culture, mindsets and traditions (Acts 9: 1-4) Saul didn’t know there was a God who was real till he had encounter. Our culture, mindset and traditions (upbringing) is such a way that it prevents us from experiencing God. We can know things but miss it. Let’s get aware with the voice of God.
2. We miss Jesus through distractions (Matthew 21:12) The temple animal sacrifices were usually hunted and only the best of the hunt was give to God. This was a sacrifice and hard work. In this story, it was made easier by the High Priests so that no one really paid a price for the offering. This upset Jesus. It no longer really mattered that their sacrifices cost them something. This concept caused them to miss Jesus walking into the temple. The greatest hindrance to the voice of God is distractions. Which voice will we listen to? We were made to carry the voice of God to the situations and people around us. We are called to attract people into the presence of God, not distract people away from it. Jesus is ready to speak and guide you. We must not miss His voice.