Pastor Karen Dunham 256January2019

Karen Dunham
January 26, 2019

Pastor Karen Dunham 256January2019

It is very powerful when we play for those who hurt us, regardless of the situation.

We are winners, there are no losers, in the Kingdom of heaven.

Praise in the midst of the fire brings us someplace in God beyond what we imagine.

When you’ve got Jesus, you’ve got it all.

A season is coming when we are going to turn around and face the giants we’ve been running from because we are no longer afraid of the giants.

God taught us to fight the battle in the Spirit and God will give us the victory.

What God gives to us always comes back to us.

Making disciples is bearing fruit for the Kingdom.

The Christian life is for the courageous by the Holy Spirit; be willing to follow Him.

Lift your vision higher to the One with the victory!