Pastor Karen Dunham 27January2019

Karen Dunham
January 27, 2019

Pastor Karen Dunham 27January2019

2 Kings 4: 9-23
– the most amazing thing about walking with the Lord is that people can see the difference in you without you even having to say a thing.
– Can you imagine having a promise of God, that being a child and having the child die?
– Yet the mother could say, “It is well.”
– Our own worst enemy is us talking ourselves of the promises of God that seem to be delayed.
– God keeps His promises. We can declare, “It is well” over our promises

– Don’t stop in the middle of the mountain, go all the way through.
– We can be comfortable and have a measure of breakthrough.
– We should not settle and breakthrough all the way, to all God has for us.
– The woman in the scripture also received her promise back

We are in the season where what we say and declare is important. We can declare life or death over our promises.

2019 is a year where God is taking us down a path we’ve never known. The harvest is white and ready and we are being called to disciple nations. We must keep praying for our nation.

(Leviticus 26: 1-2, 40-42)
Why did the people have to confess the sins of the fathers, long dead? Their sins still polluted the land.

Sometimes we are carrying the sins of the fathers, of things before that binds us, from the past. We are being called to fully walk into the light and embrace it through confession of those iniquities.

Judges 6:25
– God wanted to use Gideon but before it could happen, he needed to tear down the “father’s altars”; those things that still affect us, whatever the altar may be
– Repentance for our sins or the sins of others helps up to move into healing and restoration

We can’t build on sin. The devil will try to find a way in but God is closing those doors. As a people, we need to stand before the Lord and get rid our “temple trash”, the things that block us from shining for His glory, to be all He called us to be. (2 Chronicles 29: 6-9)

Unconfessed sin can effect an entire generation and our bloodline. In God though, there is always more. We can stand in the gap for our bloodline through confession and repentance in Jesus; that the next generation will not be affected.

Repentance is the key. We can stand in the gap for this, to repent for known and unknown sin, to leave our next generation and children a good legacy. Even for the sake of our nation.

There is no shame or condemnation in Jesus Christ. Don’t look back! There’s nothing behind you to look back to. Get out of the past. God’s got new adventures for us. We have been liberated. We are all free. Quit living like your still in the prison.

God is a good Father and He’s got new things for us. Being a Christian, one of His, is to know Him. Let us pursue Him passionately.