Raising Up A Benjamin People

Irvin Rutherford
September 30, 2018

Raising Up A Benjamin People

We have been invited to the romance of the ages. It’s a Father looking for a Bride for His Son. He sent His Son to the Cross to defeat the powers of darkness to have us. Jesus always wins. Jesus is the Light of the world. The Kingdom of light is always overcoming and advancing, even when circumstances say otherwise. We raise our faith in this. (Genesis 43: 33-34)

God has called us to be a Benjamite people.

5 things about a Benjamin people.

1. They are provided a new identity. Their identity is given by God and warriors. (Genesis 35: 16-18, Judges 20: 14-16)
2. They have the Protection of the Father, fearless and brave, with a reverence and fear for God and one another. (Genesis 42:4, Genesis 42:38)
3. They have provision 5 times as much. Genesis 43: 33-44)
4. They raise up powerful leaders (1 Samuel 9:2, Philippians 3: 4-6)
5. They may be wounded but not conquered. When God wants to do something, He relies on all that He has. Even with wounds we have, God can use. Even the things the enemy uses against us and mocks us with can be used by God for glory. God in you has everything to offer to God. We’ve been wounded but we’re not conquered. (Judges 3: 15-30)

Have your identity as a child of God and a Benjamite warrior.