Rejoicing in the Lord Always

December 2, 2018

Rejoicing in the Lord Always

Philippians 4:4

We has humans are created to be joyful. Medically, sorrow is bad for our bodies. When we have stress, stress hormones are released and it creates havoc in our bodies and health. We were created to be filled with joy and happiness. (Proverbs 17:22)

But what is joy?
According to psychologists, happiness depends on external circumstances. Joy is something that comes from within due to positive emotions that is present when we have this feeling of hope for something good happening, even making others happy.

The Word has a different definition of joy.
(Luke 2:10-11)

By definition, joy depends on the environment. When Jesus was born, the circumstances and environment into which He was born was evil and difficult. Yet there was joy. This is paradox.

Acts 16: 23-27 is another paradoxical situation. Silas and Paul went through beatings and persecution and imprisonment and still were able to rejoice in the midst of the circumstances. Isn’t this the kind of joy we want to have?

Philippians 2:15 speaks of having joy even in the most difficult situations, where grumbling and complaining is possible.

Philippians 4:12 speaks of knowing this secret of joy in difficult circumstances

Some points on this secret of joy:
1. God is sovereign, no matter what happens. God is doing something that we don’t understand yet. Is God trying to build your faith for something greater?
2. Jesus is aware of what we’re going through (John 11: 32-35). ‘Jesus wept.’ describes the personality of Jesus well. Sometimes there is period between the period of our mess and the outcome of the mess. When God allows our difficult seasons, Jesus weeps with us even in the process. Just like Lazarus, we may have situations that are dead. Remember, Jesus weeps with us.
3. Jesus has equipped us with all we need to face the situation. God can sometimes brings us on paths we can’t rationalize, just like Moses leading the Israelites to the Red Sea. All God needed was the the staff in Moses’ hand. We have what we need in God to cross the Rea Sea before us. We have what it takes. We have the opportunity to see what God can do and who He is. Even 2 loaves and 5 fishes fed a large crowd. We have what we need to cross the Red Sea.