The Power of Praise

Julius Suubi
November 4, 2018

The Power of Praise

Psalms 149: 1-5

There will be a revival of true praise and worship in the nations. The Scriptures say to praise the Lord.

Every time you praise the Lord, it is an act of warfare against the powers of darkness.
Don’t speak too much about your problems but always speak about the greatness of God. We empower what we give attention to.

In the midst of all we go through, we praise the Lord with a new song. When we walk with God in relationship, we will always have a new song and testimony of what He has done.

Some have fallen into a place of stagnation and the same level of anointing and nothing has changed.
God’s plan is for us to go from glory to glory.

We must speak Spirit Words of declaration over ourselves and move our spirit within us.

Praise and sing unto the Lord a new song. There is nothing that shakes heaven like praising God even in the midst of our troubles. One of the manifestations of maturity is praising God in every circumstances.

The joy of the Lord is our strength. We are called to carry the joy of the Lord has a characteristic of the children of God. Joy is fruit that comes from the Holy Ghost.

The word dance in Hebrew means to spin around. We are made to dance before our Creator. It’s for everyone, young and old alike.

The devil doesn’t want us to shout to God in praise and prayer. Most of the nations experiencing revival have people who pray and praise loudly.

The devil doesn’t even want us to clap. Clapping in Hebrew means to put your enemies between your hands and crushing them.

Christianity is enjoyable and exciting.

When you dance for God, He takes care of our enemies. Even praising God on our bed is possible. When we praise, forces of darkness are bound.

Such was with Paul and Silas when they praised God, prison doors were opened. Even with the walls of Jericho, they fell before praise.
We must have praise with prayer.

God is concerned with our hearts, to praise and rejoice in Him.