You Are A Builder, So Get Your Hands Dirty

Sebastian Benjamin
December 2, 2018

You Are A Builder, So Get Your Hands Dirty

Text: Nehemiah 1:4, Nehemiah 2: 17-18

Nehemiah was an everyday guy but had a desire inside him. He was a revivalist. This is a message for people who are revivalist.

Building people is very important. That’s what church is about. These verses are are about building.

The background of the story:

This book is a historical book about Nehemiah and how he changed his community. He was a layman, an everyday, normal kind of person.

As Christians, we often feel it’s the job of changing the world for only the leaders and pastors. God can use anyone and everyone’s life to change things around them. Nehemiah was a only a cupbearer to the king. Yet he was being used to rebuild, something beyond his ability and skillset. The Holy Spirit can empower anyone to do the impossible.

Nehemiah was a cupbearer in Babylon while Jerusalem lay in ruin, it’s walls destroyed by Babylon.

After their exile in Babylon, some of the Israelites tried to rebuild, but not the wall, for 120 years. No one saw the need to rebuild the wall.

As Christians, we often don’t see the need and value of protecting our brothers, sisters and communities.The broken wall represented the loss of hope and identity.

We have a culture in church that often demands perfection. Church is a hospital for broken hearts. We are in church for a reason so we can inspire, empower and encourage one another.

Nehemiah had a good life as a cupbearer in the palace. Yet when we he asked his brother how things were in Jerusalem, the brokenness of Jerusalem was known. We need to be there for one another to ask how each other is doing.

Nehemiah started to fast and weep for Jerusalem and it’s state for salvation. For us to change the world, we need to have a heart of compassion. Jesus is a man of compassion and if we know Him, we will move in compassion.

Nehemiah had a heart of compassion. His heart went out to the brokenness of the community around them. When we go through things, we can often become selfish, focusing on our normal, everyday life.

We are not made to have a normal life. We are chosen to to be a champion for others. When things goes wrong, we often try not to be involved in others mess and challenges. Being a Christian isn’t like thing. We sometimes need to get out hands dirty.

Nehemiah saw the value of people and his community. We need others to see and add value to others around us. Are we keeping it to ourselves or adding to others?

Luke 17: 12-
Jesus met 10 men with an issue. The issue came second, their identity as men came first to Jesus. We often look at issues before we look at the person as a person. If we look at people as people, we can change others.

God has deposited value in each and every person. We need to encourage and bring that value out. We are uniquely positioned to meet the needs and the cry of the broken people in that place or situation we are placed in.

John 21:17-
Jesus simply said this: if we love God we will live God.

The model is like the beams of the Cross. The upward beam represents loving God and loving ourselves. Then from there, we love others like how we love ourselves and God, just like the horizontal beams of the Cross.

All of us are of value and are called to add value to each other. We aren’t called to be selfish but selfless and lay down our lives for one another. We aren’t called to play it safe or do our ordinary life. We are called to go, like Nehemiah, and change the world. We are called to move from our comfort zone to help others.

Nehemiah shared his vision with those who would build the wall together. We are called to be the same as a church. We are building for eternity.

We are the superheroes called to be there for our cities and communities. Nehemiah built the wall up in 52 days which was down for 120 years. We just need a few days to build others up.

As a church we need to be together as a body of Christ.