You Can Trust The Promises Of God

Rev. Beatrice
October 7, 2018

You Can Trust The Promises Of God

The promises of God are true, keeping us alive and with power to transform our lives.

2 Corinthians 1:20 says all the promises in Him are yes and amen, forward looking and positive, always to draw us to Him.

Romans 15:8 is a cross reference to the promises of God. Jesus Himself is the Word and to confirm the truth of God and promises to each one of us

As 2018 comes to a close, the only thing we should hold on to is the Word of God. The world is fading away and shaken but His promises will never be shaken.

3 things about the promises of God:

1. The promise of God will not fail you. He has a plan and purpose for all His promises towards us. We hold on to the promises even in the waiting, however long it takes. We can trust God with His promises .(Isaiah 55:10-11).

Genesis 12: 1-4 was God’s promise to Abraham about having descendants.
There is often a period of testing before the promises. (Genesis 22: 1-2)

By Genesis 12:17-18, the fulfillment of the promises was further confirmed. Abraham never turned from the promises. In the trial and waiting, he obeyed God. This is key to seeing promises being fulfilled by knowing the promises and waiting in obedience to God.

2. The promises of God cannot be shaken (Isaiah 54:10) His kindness and peace are available to those who seek rest in Him. His promises He will not turn away from. Hebrews 12: 25-28 reveal that He holds His promises. Everything but His promises will be shaken. So we play our part by having faith and holding fast to His Word, that it will not be shaken.

In Romans 4: 18-25 was a testament of Abraham’s faith in God’s promises and their fulfillment. We also give glory to God by holding on to God’s promises, even hope beyond hope, to their fulfillment.

3. The promises of God are relevant to our situations today, in every situation and circumstances. Psalm 19: 7-11 shows us that we are transformed by His Word and promises. The promises of God are relevant to us today. We encourage one another with His promise. The Word of God is precious. The promises we have kept holding on to are a great reward to us. The joy is even greater in the delay when it is finally fulfilled.

We need to make a fresh commitment to the Word of God and His promises and never take them lightly. Keep these deep in our heart; the Holy Spirit will remind us and bring these promises back to mind and to fulfillment. The promises ARE coming.