Worship Ministry

In Calvary City Church we believe that worship unveils the heart of God and the heart of God is for healing, salvation, freedom, joy and blessing.
As the worship ministry of Calvary City Church our main purpose and goal is to discover the heart of God through worship concerning our personal lives, the church and our nation. We are hungry to see God bring revival in our nation through worship and passionate praise.
We also strive for unity among team because we believe that the place of unity is a place of power and God loves unity. We encourage every team member to be a part of small groups, discipleship and fellowship so that we are producing a strong, mature, leaders of tomorrow’s church.
Worship should be excellent because we do not want to give God anything that costs us absolutely nothing. Therefore we encourage our teams to be a part of training and equipping so that we are all constantly learning and growing in our gift.
In the coming days we pray that through the worship ministry God will bring revival and a great awakening in our church. Also that Calvary City Church will develop the culture of intimacy in personal and cooperate worship