Youth Ministry

Calvary City Church is a forward looking church that believes in equipping the next generation to catch the vision of the church and run for the kingdom of God. One of the ministries that reach out to the next generation is the Youth ministry of Calvary City Church, better known as Youth Outbreak. This ministry was birthed in the year 2009, has grown to become a family and by the grace of God is still growing in leaps and bounds.

This ministry consists of young people from the age of 13 up to 24 years. Not just ordinary young people but young people who are radical about the things of God. These young people believe that it is their responsibility to make the church relevant to the rest of the world. Truly, Calvary City Church is also confident that this is the generation that has been anointed for such a time as this to bring forth an outbreak of revival in our nation. With that this ministry was called ‘Youth OUTBREAK’

It is essential to understand that this ministry does not function as a club or society that accommodates young people. Rather it is a family of young people who share the same passion for Jesus. As a family, these young people love, serve and support each other alongside growing together spiritually. It is a place where potential can be extracted, talents developed, skills acquired and futures secured. These young hearts also work towards making the unaccepted feel accepted, the unloved feel loved, the timid find confidence and the lonely find a family.

Besides the youth service that is held every Friday known as JUMP (Jesus U’re My Passion), the young people meet informally through the week for sports (e.g. badminton and futsal), jamming, fellowship and discipleship. This is how these young people bond with one another and grow into better men and women for the future of our nation.

The vision of Youth Outbreak is to raise up a generation of young people who know their identity in Christ and so passionately live their lives through Him and for Him. Young people who will not be ashamed to make a difference and be a light that leads others to Jesus. And at the prime of their lives that they would be priest in the church and kings in the market place (Rev 1:6), which simply goes to say that they will not just be full of the Spirit but they will also excel in every aspect of life. By the grace of God we will be all that God has called us to be.