About Rev. Beatrice



Senior Pastor/ Ladies Fellowship Head/ Intercessory Ministry Head


Called by God at a young age, Rev. Beatrice Margaret Augustine has been serving faithfully in the ministry for over 30 years now, 26 of which has been dedicated to service in Calvary City Church (formerly known as Calvary Charismatic Centre). Rev. Beatrice, the Senior Pastor of Calvary City Church Johor Bahru, is happily married to the Senior Overseer, Rev. Benedict Rajan and is a mother of two beautiful young ladies. She has a burning passion and desire to see the church be passionate about God and the things of God, as well as be disciple and equipped to a point where they are ready to mentor others. God has also placed a burden in the heart of Rev. Beatrice to build the women community of the church. With that, an ongoing Ladies ministry that has been flourishing ever since it was started.

The vision that she carries for this ministry is to see ladies of all ages begin to rise up and be strong for God, their husband, their family and their church. She strongly believes that every woman can and must become a woman of faith, spirit and Word. Rev. Beatrice is also a very prayerful woman. Hence, she heads the Intercessory ministry of our Church. This ministry is focused on building the grounds of the church, and taking back from the evil one what rightfully belongs to His children in the Spiritual realm. Rev. Beatrice believes that the basis of this ministry is to cultivate a passion for souls in the heart of our church. While Rev. Beatrice focuses on the needs of the church she believes very strongly that the younger generations must be encompassed into the constant growth and development of the church in terms of spiritual life. As she oversees the Children’s ministry of our church, her passion is to see that every child who comes to our church has an encounter with the person of Jesus at a young age. In the day-to-day life of Rev. Beatrice, she is convinced that nothing must ever become more important than seeking the face of God. She holds firm to her principle that her life must “Please Him, and Glorify Him in all she does”. Her heart for the church is to see every believer ready to go out to the fields, reap the harvest, and invest their life in the things that are eternal.