About Us

Calvary City Church Johor Bahru – Then & Now
CCCJB, formally known as Calvary Charismatic Centre was found in 1981 and covered under the broad shelter of the Assemblies of God ministries. It was pioneered by the Victory Family Centre (Singapore). In June of 2009, it was renamed to Calvary City Church. This helped the church to be more relevant to God’s calling, which was to minister to His people in the city of Johor Bahru. Besides the main church in Johor Bahru City, there are satellite churches in various residential areas, such as Taman Sutera, Permas Jaya , Senai, Taman Universiti, Bandar Selesa Jaya and smaller groups in other locations. The combined CCC congregations today number more than 4000 members, including different language section – English, Chinese, BM, Orang Asli and Tamil ministries. There are also special outreaches for foreign workers from the country of Nepal and Vietnam, recognizing them as “nations-within-a-nation” gospel opportunity to be reached and discipled for their return to respective homelands.

Pusat Kebajikan Kalvari (PKK) (www.pkk.com.my)
As an integral part of a Christ-centered church mission and community outreach, CCC has an extensive social work programme with 30 homes for various folks with special needs. Please access the PKK website for more information on PKK, which is a recognized charity with a tax exemption status.

CCC is committed to fulfilling the Great Commission, to reach, teach and disciple all people, groups and seekers after the truth, that they may enjoy God’s offer, which is a life of forgiveness, peace, reconciliation, fellowship and service in the community of Christians committed to following the example of the Lord Jesus Christ. We endeavour to be a model of the Antioch church as described in Acts 13 – a giving, discipling and sending-out church bearing an unchanging gospel, relevant to the current needs of people everywhere.

Main Services
English Services :
Saturday- 1st Service 5.00pm
Sunday – 2nd Service 9.30am

Cell Groups
Cell groups are open to everyone. The leadership of Calvary City Church desires every person to experience the love, support, and development, which comes through the ministry of a small gathering – the cell group. Guests are always welcome. The regular, ongoing involvement in cell life, beneficially results in being a member of a united, caring family unit with great friendships, food and opportunities for equipping and community outreach. At Calvary City Church, the primary place for Christian care, growth and involvement is in a small group context, or the cell. Christian life is a matter of living in a relationship with Christ and with the people. Besides needing inspiration and instruction of corporate worship, we also need to integrate and express what we receive through a closer interaction with a few other growing Christians. Cell groups throughout our community support our mission to take Christ to the world and to develop disciples for Him.

Children, Youths, and Young Adults.
We run separate meetings for each of these ministries. Feel free to join any ministry that is suitable for your age group. Children Services or Sunday School as they call it, are held on Saturdays in line with the ongoing service. There will be no Sunday School on Sundays as it is a schooling day in the state of Johor. For toddlers, Nursery Ministry (age 14months – 3years) is on also on Saturdays. For more information for Youths and Young Adults, please click the link here. Youth Outbreak. Young Adult.

Overseas Mission
Members regularly volunteer to go on short-term trips with focused aims (e.g. medical, dental, children’s programme, relief, teaching and evangelism). We have many years of involvement in places like China, East Timor, Sri Lanka, India, Cambodia and others. CCC is part of the Transformation Alliance, linking up with the other churches and denominations to fulfill the great commission to other nations.