About Rev. Benedict Rajan



Senior Overseer at Calvary City Church

Passionate about bringing the Good News of Jesus Christ to the world, Rev. Benedict Rajan has given his life to full-time ministry and has been serving for over three decades now. Rev. Benedict Rajan, the Senior Overseer of Calvary City Church, upholds a vision of a church that knows no limitation, a church without walls, where denomination and cultures come together to reach the unreached, a church relevant to the multitude.

Aside from running the daily race of reaching the lost, Rev. Benedict Rajan believes very strongly that everything accounts to be pointless if the priority of the church and every member of the church is not seeking the face of our Master, Jesus Christ. With that in mind, he navigates his sheep to prayer as a way of life.

As the Bible clearly beckons every believer to fulfil the Great Commission, an organization called “Transformation Alliance” was birthed with intention of reaching the nations and developing communities through market place ministry. As we strive towards making the church relevant to the society, God placed a burden in the heart of our Senior Overseer to establish a ministry that will cater to the poor and needy, the orphans, the homeless, the abused and the out-casts of the society. With an obedient heart, Rev. Benedict Rajan founded an organization known today as “Pusat Kebajikan Kalvari Johor”, a social ministry that stands to enable the unable with the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ.Rev. Benedict Rajan lives by the moto “To know Him, to make Him Known and to be Thankful”. His heart’s desire is that the church will catch the vision that God has placed upon his heart, be blessed in order to bless others and to be the light house in your place of influence.