Face to Face With God

July 12, 2020

Face to Face With God

When you go face to face with a person, you can see every detail of that person’s face. It can even be awkward. But it’s also a very intimate moment.

2 Chronicles 7:14 in part says to seek His face. It’s the second time God meets with Solomon about the people turning back to Him repentance and healing the land. It was a face to face encounter in which Solomon received this charge

Are we willing to seek God, the Father, in a face to face encounter with Him and see things healed and restored? Not only our lives but in our nation as well?

God is calling a generation to return to His face. God created a longing and need connection. That need was only meant to be met by Him. Prayer is that connection.

As we come face to face encounter with His presence, things will begin to change.

Healing for the nations will only come when we have encounters with His face.

In face to face encounters with the Father:

1. Fear begins to diminish: Moses was prepared to deliver and lead the people of Egypt after such an encounter (Exodus 3)

2. Our hearts become aligned to the heart of God. We change because of love: David sought God and turned to God away from sin.( Psalm 51: 9-10)

3. We get strength to do His will: the heart of God is what matters. Jesus suffered with great agony the night before His death but prayed for His will to be done (Matthew 26: 36, Hebrews 12: 1-2)

God is longing to have a face to fave encounter with us.