How do we practically dwell in the secret place?

Rev. Benedict Rajan
July 5, 2020

How do we practically dwell in the secret place?

Song of Solomon 2:4-5, 14:
is a love story of the lover to his beloved; the love of God for His people. Being with Him in the secret place.

Matthew 6: 5-6:
speaks about praying in the secret place. Prayer is to please God.

1. God has been using this time of pandemic to restore prayer altars and authority
2. God is preparing the churches for unprecedented opportunities

How do we practically dwell in the secret place? This is important for us. (Psalm 91:1, Matthew 6:6)

Jesus practiced being in the secret place. Jesus was lovesick for the voice of His Father through intimacy. (Mark 1:35, Luke 5:16, 6:12, Matthew 14:23, Luke 11:1)

What is the state of your private prayer life?
Loneliness without Jesus is agonizing. Loneliness with Jesus is sweet intimacy (Song of Solomon 2:14, Psalm 27:4)

Do not fear that you will pray the wrong prayer but that you will become prayer-less

Haggai 1: 5-8
: serves as a warning to us. The people in the process of rebuilding became distracted from God by the blessing, favour and goodness of God, becoming selfish and neglecting the house of God. The Lord asks us to consider our ways.

Lack of first love, luke warmness and prayer-lessness are thieves in our lives. Even in our blessings, we have a nagging restlessness.

You’re intimacy with God will define the quality of your life with God. Intimacy with God defines the rest of our lives. (Matthew 6:6)

Our real security in life is in the secret place of prayer with God (Pslam 63:3, Pslam 91:1)

We all have struggles in prayer. We need to learn to tarry with Him in prayer.(Matthew 26:40-41)

We build the 7 altars of prayer until the discipline becomes a place of habitation for God.