Mother’s Day Message

May 11, 2019

Mother’s Day Message

Women without children:
1 Samuel 1: 9-11

Mother’s day can be a celebration for some but not for all, especially for those who can’t have children.

Yet being a mother is so much more than having children. Being a mother-like figure for others is also a blessing. Her identity is in Christ and her value not merely in her role but because of her value in Jesus.

God is sovereign. In His sovereign plan, it may or may not be the will of God for woman to be a mother. Yet you can be a mother like figure.

Luke 1: 5-7 for prospective/waiting mothers:

It recounts the birth of Samuel and the blessing. God was faithful to Hannah to bring a change and answers to prayers. We have the privilege to make choices to agree with what He says; empowering truth or a lie and what we believe. This makes the difference whether we see promises come to pass or not.

Women already mothers:
Exodus 2:2-3, 6
Moses’ mother protected and saved her child for His greater purpose.

Every mother is a prophetess to their children. Mother’s have a gift if perception to see the potential in their children. Sometimes we have to let our children go and leave them in God’s hands.
Only having intimacy with God allows for faith to let our children go. A mother’s prayers are always heard. It may not go as we imagine but it always works for good with God.

Honour parents always so that we may flourish.