Overcoming Discouragement

May 24, 2020

Overcoming Discouragement

We have all faced discouragement. It is part of our experience of humanity to be discouraged at times.

There is enough reason during this time to be discouraged. We cannot deny the difficulties of this time economically, socially and mentally resulting from the pandemic.

Even people in the Bible were discouraged.

Moses, who had seen and performed great miracles experienced discouragement when receiving complaints from the Israelites (Numbers 11:11)

Elisha was a prophet of God who destroyed the false prophets of Baal in a dramatic confrontation and encounter with God on Mount Carmel (1 Kings 18:36). But when Jazebel threatened him with death, he fled in discouragement.

What do we do when we go through seasons of discouragement?

Discouragement means to lose courage. Courage is a valor and quality to face uncertainty without fear.

Yet discouragement is still a choice because of the God we serve. (John 14:1)

You may have the presence of discouragement but don’t be in the prison of discouragement.

How do we overcoming discouragement?

1. Focus on God, not the discouragement. Peter sank in the waves because He lost His focus on Jesus. (Matthew 14: 28-30) We may have walked away from Jesus. We might have walked away from church. We might have made choices that caused our discouragement. But Jesus is still reaching out to us. Don’t reject His advances(Luke 24:10, 15)

2. Praise God in your discouragement. Praise recognizes the presence of God in the valley discouragement, coming into the middle of our discouragement. Praise God recognizes the plan of God and the power of God.

3. Spend time with the Word. We have the authority to overcome discouragement (Luke 10:19)

Regardless of our circumstances, Jesus wants to walk over the waters of discouragement with us.