March 15, 2020


Text: Matthew 11:28

Come to me all you are weary and heavy laden and I will give you rest.

Everyone is looking for rest. Rest is so valuable that this world is scrambling to define rest.

To define rest by world standards falls short. The world cannot define rest.

Jesus makes a bold statement; come to Him to find rest.

Many of us define rest as when we retire.
Even retirement doesn’t really produce rest. Even work doesn’t really produce rest.

Christ is not a rest from work but a rest in work.

Mark 4:35-37
The disciples tried to handle the boat in the life threatening situation of the storm. A situation not within their control. Jesus was asleep in the boat.

Jesus is in the boat, yet there are waves. Just because you have a relationship with Jesus, it doesn’t mean you don’t have challenges. You can be where Jesus has you to be and as a personal Savior and still have challenges.

1. Call on Him Jesus knew the situation yet was asleep. The disciples cried out to God. Jesus woke up and calmed the storm. Call out to the name of Jesus for help. We try to rely on our own resource. We often cry out with a faithless cry, just like the disciples. Yet Jesus didn’t rebuke them but rebuked the waves. Even in our mistakes, repent but call out to Him.

2. Rely on His promises Jesus said to the disciples that they would reach the other side. Whatever happens, we will reach the other side.

3. Worship God Worship is a power tool to enter rest. Our source of joy and happiness is worshiping Him. Drugs, porn etc stimulates the happiness and joy hormones. But we will always pay for addictions to feel joy or happiness. Worship is free. Job 1:20 shows a man who was devastated by terrible news and fell. But he rose in worship and gave a great slap to the face of the enemy. Worship stimulates hormones related to happiness and joy.

4. Meditate on His Word When you worry, it is a thought in your mind. Worry is from the devil, who will use out circumstances to get into our minds to worry. Worry is a Christian who is an atheist; they don’t believe God will help them. Worry is to trust in something unpleasant. Replace the thought of worry with a higher thought of the Word of God. (Joshua 1:9)

Let us give up restlessness by calling on Jesus.