The Word of God

July 19, 2020

The Word of God

Why do we read it? The Bible IS the Word of God. It is not an interpretation or a guide to good living. The themes, messages, and principles never once change or contradict. The book has many different writers but was inspired and has One Author, God Himself.

How do I know that what the Bible says is true? Look at the prophecies. Many of the prophecies were fulfilled, such as those concerning the details of the birth, life, death and resurrection of Jesus. What has been written has come to pass or will come to pass.

300 prophecies about Jesus in the Old Testament, spanning over thousands of years, all came to pass and were fulfilled. This is statistically such a high improbability, yet One person fulfilled them all.

Why do we read the Word of God? We may want to serve this God but do we know Him at His Word? How can we not meditate on this One we call Savior in the Word? Reading other materials, while not bad in of itself, about God is not the same as reading the Word. To know of God and to know God are different things.

Even enjoying the presence of God is not the same as knowing God.

We must know the Word of God. The enemy, from the days of the garden, has tried to distort what God says and to destroy us by questioning God; convincing us that the Word of God isn’t true.

The Word of God is powerful. To defeat the enemy means knowing and using the Word of God. Satan (or even us) will even try to misuse the Word of God but we must hold to the truth of His Word.(Matthew 4: 1-11).

The Word of God is a person. The Word of God is a person to guide us and defeat the enemy. (John 1:1, 2 Timothy 3:16, Pslam 1:3)

We need a heart that receives the Word of God. God mercifully and in generosity gives the seed of the Word but when it comes to multiplication, a good heart receiving the Word of God and believing it yields increase. (Matthew 13: 3-9, 11-12)

God can change our heart through repentance. (Psalm 1:3) To be the salt and light of the earth, we need the Word of God.