We Have Been Made Completely New

Matt King
November 2, 2019

We Have Been Made Completely New

Text: 2 Corinthians 5: 14-17

Verse 14:
This is crazy reality; we all died on that Cross with Jesus. If we have surrendered our life to Christ, we have died with Christ. As a follower of Christ, we have died on the Cross with Christ.

Jesus on that Cross was representing us all. We have had a death of sorts in order to be made new.

Verse 15:
Part of the reason for the death on the Cross is to set us free from the slavery and bondage of living completely for ourselves.

We as new creation have come into a new place and living for Him who died for us. We are not good lords for ourselves, the best Lord is King Jesus.

Verse 17:
We are in and surrounded by Christ. We are not insignificant. We are not made to live normal lives. We are a new creation.

Anyone who belongs to Christ is a brand new person. The old person has disappeared completely and vanished.

The old identity, mindsets, ways of thinking passed at the Cross. We weren’t renovated or fixed, we were made completely new through our union Christ. In the process, we became the light of the world through Christ Jesus.