God has a purpose for everything, for every season.

Why is Christmas celebrated? Why did Jesus come?

Jesus came to the earth to erase the misconception of God. There are many opinions and definitions about God.

We want God in our own image and what we can understand. We can have opinions but what matters is truth.

God wanted to relate to us in relationship. Jesus came to reveal God to us.

How do we know what God is like?
Jesus showed us this through His teachings and lifestyle.

We need to know the truth to leave behind our misconceptions of God so we can leave the past behind and move forward. (John 8:32)

Jesus demystified God by revealing these truths about God:
1. God isn’t distant. Jesus came as Emmanuel, God with us, so we could know about Him.
2. God cares about us.
3. God showed us the mercy and kindness of God.

There is something about God we can only experience through the person of Jesus. Jesus is the revelation light of God. Where do we need light in our lives? Jesus came to open our eyes to see clearly in the midst of our struggles and problems.

Look to Jesus as the answer and our Savior. Maybe we’re tired of looking to other things as the solution. Jesus longs to help us and reveal our purpose.

Jesus came to express the love of the Father (John 3:16).
Jesus died on the Cross to break sin over us and show us how deep His love for us is. Jesus wants to be with us in our deepest hurts, pain and confusion. The love of God is undefeatable, unquenchable and unconditional and always keeps its promises. Jesus wants us to experience this love.

Jesus came to enable us to have a relationship with God.
Religion is man’s attempt to get to God. Jesus came to man with His love. The enemy comes to steal, kill and destroy. Jesus came to give us life and life abundantly. At the very end of ourselves, Jesus came to resurrect our hope and bring new life to us.

As we put our hope in Jesus, our life finds purpose and we get healed and restored. He changes our lives to be a message of hope.

God wants us back in relationship and has a purpose for our lives.

The precious gift we can have is the gift of new life in Jesus. It all starts with making a choice to choose Jesus. He will deliver us from the oppression of the enemy.

Take your faith from other things and place it in Jesus. Put your faith in Jesus.

God wants us in His family and community with God and other believers. We just have to chose the greatest gift of this season, Jesus.