June 4, 2022


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Apart from the gift of salvation, the most precious gift we have is the gift of the Holy Spirit. This happened in Acts 2, when the Holy Spirit came in and upon believers.

It is is very hard to believe Jesus is not here where two or three are gathered and the Spirit is present.

The life of a believers is a journey to becoming more and more like the person of Jesus.

There’s a shift happening in the Spirit. The past two years was a shaking of the church and the people to remove what was not needed. This is preparation for the shift of revival that’s happening in the Spirit.

The return of the Lord is very soon. We need to be walking with Jesus and what He is saying.

You cannot know Jesus without the Holy Spirit. Romans 5 says the Holy Spirit reveals Jesus.

In any relationship, the more you open up your heart the more you know a person. This is the same without knowing Jesus.

This message is an invitation to know Jesus in a greater intimacy. We get to fill up our oil of intimacy tonight.

Every moment is an opportunity for Jesus to show Himself.

Believers believe. Come back to radically believing Jesus will do great things in every situation.

God wants us to become His radical lovers. Radical lovers of Jesus.

Becoming a lover of Jesus has to do with your heart.

The woman with the alabaster jar took the most expensive perfume (Matthew 26:7) and went past many eyes of judgement and broke it at the feet of Jesus.

Jesus told them to leave her alone (Matthew 26:10). What if as believers we are meant to live this radical lifestyle?

There is a cost for loving Jesus. Life with Jesus is costly.

We are in a season where God is looking for His bride to give a radical sacrifice to Him.

We need to come to a place where our life is wholly His.
Jesus has to be above everything in our heart. We as the Bride

What is God looking from you?

There’s a new birth that’s coming to the church and we need to get ready for it by spending time with the Lord.

There’s a new beginning in the Spirit.
We’re moving from a season of the wilderness to a place of the promise land.

God want to move us into maturity in seeking His voice.

There an invitation tonight for you to hear what He is saying.

Spend time with the Lord. The more you hunger for the Lord, the more you hunger for Him.

Many people pray but they don’t want to wait on the Lord. God longs for us to wait for Him.

It is time for us to go closer to the Lord. Adoration is all about Him.

Don’t make it about yourself.
We cannot strife in the presence of God.

The secret of His presence is adoration and praise.