December 31, 2021

Watch-Night 2021

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2022 a hopeful year.

Rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation...

It will be a difficult year, here and elsewhere. Realistic expectation.

...continuing steadfastly. Fervent in prayer.

End of year Blessings ( see slide - shake off....)

Start 2022 with hope in God. In midst of pandemic and floods.

Appreciate all the 3 satellite churches for the work done and excellent Christmas presentations.

1. Let go of 2021 with attitude of gratitude

Give thanks to the Lord of lords....His mercy endures forever.

We can say this prayer (for the good things that we were blessed with).

2. Attitude of victory Ps60:11-12
Look from God's perspective, not man's.

Personal rship with God. John 10:27. My sheep hear my voice...

Listen carefully for God's rhema word for you.
A phrase, a picture, a scripture. What has God give for me. Hab 2:1.
Over circumstances, over rships, etc. One word from God can change everything.

Luke 5:4
Cast your net the other side. One word only. Simple .

Mark5: 30-34 woman with blood issue.

John4:14. Water welling up to eternal life

2Cor12:9 grace is sufficient.

Theme for 2022

Pandemic is sign of last days.
Matt24:14 gospel will be preached.

Going back to our vision " How will they hear?
Rom10:13-15,17 Gospel must be preached.
Believe - Hear - Preach. Faith comes by hearing.

Year of greater evangelism, harvest and revival.

Matt9:37-38. Labourers are few. Just after the Starlight Christmas Service, Datin Hannah Ling called Ps R to tell that her in-laws ready to receive Jesus and get baptized! Watched the service.

John 4:35. Harvest white for harvest. Greater evangelism and greater harvest - discipleship. Greater revival follows.

Ps119:37 Transformation.
Evangelism n discipleship go hand in hand. Greater outpouring of the Spirit. Revival .

Acts 2:16-18
Signs of revival. Glory in the Presence and power of God. Much needed in Msia. Church must share, then ppl can hear.

A man who was of the sons of Ishmael called the church office. Watched our service online. He on his own gave his heart to Jesus. Nabi Isa Al Masih!

Ps took time off to go to KL for few days of rest n recharge over the Christmas holidays. Got a word - rest in my Father's love.
Just a word. What we need. Even after years of ministry.

Prayer : an opportune word to each one as we enter into 2022.

The above is the congregational Word.

Now, a personal word.
Each one will enter into s season of acceleration, restoration & restitution and rebuilding.

Isaiah 60:21.

2022 a year :

Of Unprecedented acceleration.

Of Restoration and restitution.
Return what was lost in past 2 years. Healing, health etc


Of rebuilding.